_JR_0333_hellI believe in the near future the Datacenters of Microsoft customers will be empty. I think Microsoft customers will move as much workloads to the cloud as possible. I also bet customers will recognize that it is a good idea to go there as fast as possible and not taking an extra route via “hybrid”.

I am a Lead Cloud Architect at Glück & Kanja and in this blog, I am discovering the “why” and the “how” of this journey and I dig deep into the new security possibilities of the cloud.

Microsoft’s cloud security solutions are much stronger than everything that is available on premises and they are constantly adding new exciting security features and tools which I will cover here.

Sometimes the posts in this blog are technical walk-throughs (Garage Articles), sometimes I do deep-dives (Main Articles), but always 100% Cloud 🙂

If you want to connect with me, please use Twitter (@janvonkirchheim) or LinkedIn.

Jan Geisbauer

Heidelberg, Germany

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