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Manage office atp alerts like a boss

Let’s face it: Sometimes you get false positives in Office ATP phishing Emails. Either this is caused by the system or you have scheduled a phishing simulation from a third party provider that cannot be properly whitelisted. I have created a PowerShell script that connects to the Office 365 Management API and grabs all the needed information from the investigations and from the alerts and displays it in ONE Excel table.

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MDATP: talking to the User

Sometimes isolating or blocking user actions (like downloads) is too restrictive – instead you just want to warn or ‘educate’ him. At the same time, I don’t know too many ITpros that enjoy talking to their end-users (I think we all should, but this is another story). Today we will look into a flow-automation of Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (MDATP) alerts.

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